About TAM

Treece Alfrey Musat P.C. was founded in 1991 by Bob Treece, Tom Alfrey, and Rich Musat, then partners in one of Denver’s largest litigation firms. TAM began its existence with five attorneys, a clerk, and two office staff members focusing almost exclusively on insurance defense lawsuits.

In the years since its inception, TAM has grown to rank in the 50 largest Colorado-based firms, with attorneys involved in nearly every type of law. TAM represents clients in both trial and appellate litigation, and TAM attorneys serve as regional and coordinating national trial counsel in a wide range of disputes. We assist clients in starting and managing businesses, liaising with state and federal agencies, and assessing and implementing best practices and risk mitigation strategies.

TAM clients likewise draw from diverse backgrounds. TAM represents a broad spectrum of clients, from independent local businesses to publicly held corporations seeking regional representation. TAM’s corporate and professional clients span from coast to coast, encompassing varied disciplines like attorneys and brokers, as well as corporate and industrial clients ranging from pharmaceutical, food, and products manufacturers to construction, shipping, and carriage and maintenance companies.

Beyond representation, TAM maintains a profile in the legal community. TAM attorneys are active in local and national bar associations, publish articles and lecture to professional groups on today’s pressing legal issues, chair national symposia in developing areas of the specialized law in which we practice, and sit on a variety of professional development committees.

TAM’s litigation practice covers all aspects of civil and criminal law, with technical proficiency in the areas of aviation law, professional liability defense, products liability, insurance and reinsurance law, and complex litigation.

Through measured growth and practice-specific groups, TAM retains the ability to provide conscientious representation to the individual, allowing us to offer our clients the quality of personal attention normally found in small firms. In recognition of the need for cost-effective, high-quality representation, TAM utilizes our individualized strength to emphasize early reporting of information, enabling our clients to make informed case management decisions at every step of the litigation process.

A core TAM principle is effective, value-driven representation. The attorneys of TAM strive to streamline the adversarial process and avoid the cost and delays of unnecessary litigiousness that detract from the ultimate goals of representation. We do this by teaming the best traits of our people with the latest technology to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Since the firm’s inception, TAM’s established attorneys have thrived based on their experience and abilities, earning reputations as efficient, pragmatic attorneys who are consistently rated by their peers as preeminent in their abilities as competent, ethical, and effective advocates.

In growing, TAM places an emphasis on identifying associate candidates who show promise to excel in real-world legal skills application in order to enhance the depth and scope of services TAM provides to its varied clients. TAM attorneys are invited to join the firm based on their established skills, practical experience in representation and clerkships, or a combination of both attributes–the hallmark skills of our lawyers.

TAM leadership is developed from within. Associates average two years of legal field experience at the time of hire, and rotate through our practice groups to gain fundamental knowledge of all areas in which we practice.

TAM takes pride in its longstanding commitment to diversity & inclusion.  TAM’s Diversity Committee furthers this commitment in the legal community by encouraging participation in legal programs that serve underrepresented communities, participating in the hiring process of law clerks and associates, and spotlighting the achievements of diverse members of our legal community as part of its monthly address to the firm.

TAM embraces and invests in diversity, providing real opportunities for professional development and advancement.  TAM’s investment in diversity is evident in its continued litigation success, most evident in TAM’s all-female trial team headed by the firm’s youngest partner, Kathleen Johnson, along with associate Rachelle Veikune, a first generation American who was the first in her family to graduate from college.  Ms. Johnson and Ms. Veikune are undefeated on behalf of TAM clients at both bench and jury trials alike.

TAM continually integrates the latest in technology, from document imaging to cloud-based case management, to maintain an edge in both information and accessibility and to promote client compliance with today’s increasingly painstaking discovery and due diligence requirements.

From transactional matters to litigated disputes, TAM utilizes industry-leading tools to facilitate effective and timely case management, accessible resources, and state-of-the-art trial presentation capabilities.