Trucking / Motor Carrier Litigation

When your driver was just involved in a crash and someone is injured, preservation of evidence is the ultimate legal priority. In this arena, experience and expertise are the keys to success when defending trucking companies and their insurers in accident litigation.

We Know Your Industry

Common carrier defense involves not only a precise understanding of the laws in which the event occurred, but a rapid response team capable of deploying immediately to gather as much evidence as possible before your defenses are eroded by weather, emergency responders, and the passage of time. In addition, incidents in this industry are more likely to involve catastrophic injury. Your defense team needs expertise in causation analysis, mechanical to biomechanical engineering, and contributory liability issues from DOT compliance to hiring practices, in order to quickly assess exposure and give you a macro view on the defensibility of your claim. TAM has this expertise.

TAM has in place an emergency response team of engineers, investigators, and attorneys available 24/7 to respond to your needs. Whether it is ECM data preservation, physical evidence analysis, or liaising with law enforcement, we operate with speed and efficiency throughout the Rocky Mountain region. TAM’s Trucking/Motor Carrier group has investigated and defended carrier claims in the unique jurisdictions of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah in both federal and state courts.

We routinely work within the defense arenas of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, state law, and industry standards to provide efficient, knowledgeable, and pragmatic legal strategies to minimize the impact of the accidents which are unavoidable in this field. Our goal is to get your company to the best possible resolution with the least financial impact, whether that means early resolution outside of litigation, or vigorous defense of the abusive claim.

We Are Involved

TAM’s Trucking/Motor Carrier group is involved in every major national industry group whose focus is on law and issues affecting common carriers. Our attorneys are members, presenters, and officers in the American Trucking Association, the Trucking Industry Defense Association, the Arkansas Trucking Association, and the Defense Research Institute’s substantive Trucking Law Committee.