Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation defense requires specialized knowledge in each state where an employer or insurer operates. TAM’s Workers’ Compensation group is the go-to claim defense team in Colorado. TAM attorneys have for decades offered preeminent legal representation in this highly specialized field to a broad base of clients, including large and small employers, public entities, and self-insureds across the full range of industries. Our defense efforts have involved clients over the entire spectrum of businesses who carry this mandatory coverage for their employees.

We offer exceptional expertise in defending a wide variety of professionals in Colorado malpractice actions, including claims brought against accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers, financial planners, health care providers, psychiatrists and psychologists, real estate agents and brokers, insurance agents and brokers, and securities broker/dealers.

Prompt and Effective Analysis and Workers’ Compensation Defense

Our first service is to provide our clients with a thorough analysis of each case shortly after assignment of a claim, informing you of your potential exposure, rights, and responsibilities in the workers’ compensation process, as well as an honest appraisal of defense options. Our goal is to provide critical perspective on each unique claim, from scope of injury to defensibility, to give you the informed legal advice necessary to decide whether you should engage in litigation. TAM aggressively pursues defense with the focus on your best interests, including the bottom line, whether the ultimate resolution is settlement or litigation.

Knowledgeable Team of Workers Compensation Experts

TAM has for years presented a “state of the state” seminars on workers compensation law, changes, and procedure in Colorado, highlighting the annual publication of TAM’s “Guidelines to Colorado Workers’ Compensation Law” compendium for employers, insurers, administrators, and self-insured employers. Our team proactively monitors lobbying efforts and legislative initiatives affecting our clients, allowing us to provide up-to-the-minute and dynamic representation in addition to being a premier educational source for employers and their insurers.

Do not risk penalties by letting a claim slide. TAM’s Workers’ Compensation defense group is your best step toward maximizing legal results while minimizing the costs of the comp claim process.