Criminal Defense

If you are suspected of, or charged with, a crime, it is important to seek legal defense counsel as soon as possible. Due to specific legal rights and your potential to waive them without representation, the earlier in the process you are able to retain TAM the stronger your defense is likely to be.

A person charged with a crime has a number of legal protections and defenses at his or her disposal. For instance, limits exist for the circumstances under which police officers can stop or search you, your home, or your car.  Law enforcement is generally required to get a warrant from a judge before searching a person’s car or home.  Specific testing protocols must be followed and consents obtained to perform chemical sobriety tests.  Because of these risk factors, the particular legal requirements of law enforcement, and your rights that can be waived without your ability to adequately be informed and consent, attorney representation as soon as you become aware of an investigation is imperative–even if an unannounced search or a roadside stop is underway.

TAM helps clients throughout Colorado to protect their constitutional rights and their futures in the face of criminal prosecution, with over 20 years of experience defending criminal matters from petty offenses and misdemeanors, to multiple DUI and felony charges. In addition to criminal defense, TAM leverages its experience into the civil arena when claims against clients and/or related parties to civil litigation implicate criminal liability, joint liability claims with criminal actors, and civil conspiracy matters.

Contact TAM with any inquiries regarding potential criminal case defense. Please note that an attorney/client relationship DOES NOT exist on first contact. A written fee agreement must be in place signed by a TAM attorney specifically identifying the criminal matter being defended, and a conflict check must be run and cleared, before we can agree to represent you. So yes, time is of the essence!

Please direct all inquiries on potential criminal defense representation to Christopher P. Ahmann.