Construction Litigation

In today’s litigation climate, entrepreneurial plaintiff bars have developed to focus on businesses whose products routinely provide fodder for litigation. The construction industry has for the past two decades been a growing battle ground for class- and HOA-fueled litigation whose boundaries are continually modified by legal precedent, lobbying and statutory reform, and insurability forces. With the ever-changing duties imposed on construction professionals as to both residential and commercial customers, you need attorneys who can quickly and comprehensively assess your rights, obligations, and liability in the costly world of construction litigation.

TAM’s Construction Litigation group stays on thye leading edge of these issues, with extensive experience in trying construction-related lawsuits, both as plaintiffs and defendants. TAM’s attorneys regularly represent architects, structural, mechanical, and geotechnical engineers, developers, general contractors, and subcontractors across the Front Range in a variety of construction defect suits with multi-million dollar exposure. TAM’s litigators work both with local and national experts in representing their clients, and themselves possess a high degree of technical knowledge regarding construction which facilitate timely and effective representation.

Our attorneys have been involved in nearly every construction litigation matter of significance in Colorado over the past 20 years, covering issues of note from setting state-wide legal precedent to multi-million dollar project exposure.

Whether you are a home builder, a design professional, or a subtrade, your company’s defense is in thorough and capable hands with TAM’s Construction Litigation group.