Insurance / Reinsurance

TAM is a law firm built on insurance litigation. Throughout their careers, TAM’s Insurance and Reinsurance attorneys have amassed decades of experience in defending a broad spectrum of cases ranging from automobile accidents to general liability, surety and fidelity work, and coverage analysis and opinions to both insurance carriers and private corporations. Our work covers the full range of insurance issues, having represented carriers, reinsurers, fronting paper, and excess carrier matters.

TAM regularly represents clients in bad faith litigation, from Fortune 500 carriers to regional insurers, to mortgage guaranty insurance and property and casualty carriers, to health care insurers. TAM’s insurance law practice extends to complex reinsurance disputes involving intermediaries and underwriters, domestic and foreign. We represent every breed of insurer, from international syndicates to specialty market carriers.

Our insurer practice has for the past several years successfully defended several D&O coverage claims in multiple western jurisdictions alleging a variety of bad faith practices against insureds, from alleged violations of ERISA requirements for funding to intentional stock dilution. Our experience extends beyond publicly held liabilities, to include claims involving private companies, non-profit entities, investment trusts, and limited and general partnerships.

In addition to direct coverage law, TAM’s Insurance and Reinsurance group regularly handles recovery efforts for its insurer clients. Because subrogation principles can involve unique issues and vary dramatically by state, local counsel who is familiar with the subrogation laws of the relevant jurisdiction is often critical to the successful prosecution of subrogation actions. We provide that expertise and can delivery these services for any level of your recovery needs.

TAM is a charter member of the Council on Litigation Management, a nonpartisan alliance of corporations, insurance companies, law firms and service providers committed to furthering the highest standards of litigation management. CLM’s purpose is to streamline management processes and further the value received by carriers from all service providers involved in litigated claims, from law firms to experts. TAM member Paul Collins is the Colorado State Chair of this organization, and frequently presents at insurance industry functions on managing costs while maximizing results during claims litigation. Please visit CLM’s website for further information and seminar schedules.