Products Liability

TAM’s Products Liability group possesses considerable experience in representing major international and domestic corporations in products liability litigation, covering litigation in state and federal courts in Colorado and throughout the country. Our defended cases run the gamut of claims for personal injuries, property damages and economic losses.

Our experience allows us to quickly identify the necessary information to develop frank assessments of liability, as well as the facts available to support state of the art and alternate cause defenses. We draw from a nationwide pool of preeminent experts to assist in our defense analysis and strategy, and invest the time in market and scientific research to produce dynamic results both during discovery and in court.

Manufactured Products

Our attorneys represent manufacturers of products ranging from hose connectors to mechanical equipment, exhaust fans to compressors, and aircraft to automobiles. We have tried cases of national and international significance involving alleged catastrophic design defects and injuries caused by foreseeable modifications.

Medical Devices

We have extensive experience representing several self-insureds in product liability cases involving any number of products, from cutting-edge medical devices to pharmaceuticals. TAM’s Products Liability group’s ability to immerse counsel in the science of their clients’ product, including both the technological and the medical applications, give us an edge in cases of groundbreaking precedent for recently deployed technology and medications.