Robert J. Zavaglia, Jr., invited to Fellowship with Litigation Counsel of America

TAM Shareholder Robert J. Zavaglia, Jr. has been invited to join the Fellowship of the prestigious Litigation Counsel of America.

The Litigation Counsel of America is an invitation-only trial lawyer honorary society established to reflect the new face of the American bar. Membership is limited to 3,500 Fellows, representing less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers. The society utilizes a variety of resources for purposes of establishing itself as the most diverse honorary professional society in American law. In this regard, the LCA promotes its membership as a forum where American litigation and advocacy are at the cutting edge of law and judicial understanding.

The LCA’s selection process is a combination of Fellow input, internal research, nominations by Fellows, attorney opinions, evaluation of client selection of counsel, limited input from active and retired judges, and reviews of acknowledgement and recognition by other peer reviewing sources and associations. The criteria used for selection is not based purely on the number of cases tried, or the notoriety usually associated with frequent court appearances, but also effectiveness in the area of a particular lawyer’s expertise. In using this approach, the LCA has developed its membership with a breadth of experience in litigation that makes its Fellows one of the most well rounded practice groups among any legal professional society and provides recognition and opportunities to those deserving the designation “Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America.”

Uncommon for TAM’s size, Mr. Zavaglia represents the second TAM attorney invited into the Fellowship, joining Senior Fellow Michael L. Hutchinson in this honorary society.