TAM defense team wins summary judgment on Red Rocks Amphitheater case.

In a case arising from an altercation following a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Judge Ross Buchanan of the Denver District Court granted dispositive motions filed by Mark Harris, Kathleen Byrne, and Tripp Hall on behalf of TAM’s event staffing client.

The plaintiff alleged that the event staffing company failed to protect him from the injuries he sustained during an altercation between Plaintiff and another individual outside the venue after the event had ended.  TAM’s defense team moved for summary judgment on the basis that the event staffing company was never hired to provide security or law enforcement services outside the amphitheater and, therefore, was neither responsible for Plaintiff’s injuries under Colorado common law or Colorado’s Premises Liability Act.

Judge Buchanan agreed and found, as a matter of law, that the event staffing company was not responsible by virtue of the event staffing company’s contractual responsibilities with the City and County of Denver as well as Colorado’s common law.  The ruling refused to accept Plaintiff’s argument of assumed tort duties beyond the contract and Colorado law, and refused to accept advertising liability theories raised under Colorado’s consumer protection statute.