TAM Shareholder Mark A. Pottinger obtains a complete defense verdict.

TAM Shareholder Mark A. Pottinger obtained a complete defense verdict on behalf of his clients, an attorney and his firm, in a malpractice claim. The plaintiff sought damages in excess of $475,000, alleging the defendant attorney committed multiple acts of malpractice over a 10 year period while the plaintiff was embroiled in litigation surrounding an alleged car accident. The plaintiff also sought to hold the defendant law firm responsible for the actions of a lawyer who was of counsel to the firm during some of the relevant time periods.

The underlying case within a case involved two criminal matters, two state court civil actions, a bankruptcy, a bankruptcy adversary proceeding, and, appeals to both the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Extensive use was made of demonstrative exhibits and visual aids during the week-long trial to assist the jury in understanding the complex underlying facts.

The case is Berrien v. Bonner, District Court, City and County of Denver, State of Colorado, Case No. 2011-CV-2710.