TAM’s Kathleen Byrne recovers wrongfully withheld fees for mobile home park residents

TAM attorney Kathleen M. Byrne made news and sent ripples statewide pursuing money wrongfully withheld from residents of a Boulder-area mobile home park.

The Orchard Grove Neighbors Association, which represents residents at the 215-unit Orchard Grove Mobile Home Park at 3003 Valmont Road, engaged Ms. Byrne to pursue claims against the park’s owner related to water fees it charged the residence in violation of their rental contracts. Those fees, already ruled wrongfully charged, were nevertheless not returned to the residents for years. Ms. Byrne took up the cause in seeking justice for the residential community whose legal rights had been ignored.

Through lengthy litigation, Ms. Byrne achieved a complete refund of the withheld fees, with interest, and was successful in shifting responsibility for her fees to the park owner. Her efforts made several hundred residents whole at no cost, and made news throughout the state raising the profile of reswident’s rights and placing billing practices on the radar screen for mobile home park management.

More information about the case is reported in the Boulder Daily Camera.